embroidery with brother SE400 sewing machine

Embroidery Set-Up with Brother SE400 Sewing Machine

When I unpacked my new embroidery sewing machine, I was baffled and confused, since I had never owned a machine that was computerized or that can do embroidery. Wow! Now what? I grabbed my manual trying to figure out the embroidery setup for the Brother SE 400 Sewing Machine. 

I must just push a few buttons, and away we go, right? Wait! Not so fast. There is a little more to it than that, as I discovered. Although, once you understand, it is quite a simple process. 

I thought I would dedicate this post to giving those of you that are interested, a quick, embroidery setup guide to get you started. I am enjoying my machine so much, and continually discovering new ways to create with embroidery. It’s just so amazing to me, to watch a machine stitch a design that you have given, with such perfection.

Get Familiar with Your Machine!

It’s important to get familiar with your machine, and the manual is a great help, but sometimes manuals are hard to understand. A video gives you a better visual of how the machine works, and how to set it up for specific tasks. 

In the following videos, I wanted to present the basics for getting started in embroidery, with a 2 part series. I intend to add other, more advanced video tutorials in the future, including Embrilliance Software for Mac user….

Or you can find all of our tutorials right here on our blog. Our tutorials include basics for sewing, embroidery, and crochet, and we are adding some fun “how-to” crafty home projects.