Monogram Initials with Embrilliance Software

Monogram Initials with Embrilliance Software (Coffee Cozy Tutorial)

I wanted a way to show people how to monogram initials with Embrilliance Software, so I put together a simple tutorial for a felted, monogrammed Coffee Cozy.

Have you ever lost your coffee cup, or picked up one that wasn’t yours? Unfortunately, I have! Well, a personalized coffee cozy is a great way to keep track of your hot coffee, while protecting your hand from the heat. Not to mention, they are just fun to make, and cute!

Supplies Needed to Monogram Initials:

● Felt (20% wool, or whatever felt you prefer)
● Dritz Temporary Spray Adhesive
● Tear-Away Stabilizer
● Coffee Cozy Template (I used a paper cozy from a local coffee/espresso shop)
● Marker
● Embrilliance Embroidery Software

I have created a video tutorial on how to monogram initials, using Embrilliance software, that you can view below, along with the written instruction in this post.

Step One

Hoop your stabilizer by itself, and mark the center of the hoop on your stabilizer with a marker.

Step Two

Cut out your Coffee Cozy pattern. I used a paper cozy from my local espresso stand as a template.

Step Three

Locate the very center of your “cut out” coffee cup cozy, and mark it with a marker on the backside.

Step Four

Spray a little spray adhesive on the backside of the coffee cozy and line up the mark on the backside of the coffee cozy with the center mark on your stabilizer, and press into place. Create your monogram initials using the fun features and options in your Embrilliance Software (or other embroidery software), and stitch on the Coffee Cozy.

Final Step

If you choose, you can sew a decorative stitch around the outer edges. Sew your Coffee Cozy
ends together by overlapping and stitching. Notice that because of the curvature of the
template, your seam will have a slight angle to it.

Obviously, this is just a basic Coffee Cozy tutorial, but what I really wanted you to see was the ease of creating the monogram initials, because they can be used in so many different projects!

You can do so many things to change it up, such as adding additional embroidery enhancements, and style, or even adding a stitched frame around your monogram. Let your imagination guide your way!