How to make Placemats: Spice Up Your Table with Burlap Placemats

I love burlap for it’s rustic, unique, and eco friendly qualities. While looking for some new placemats for our table, I discovered how expensive and flimsy they can be, so I decided I needed to just make placemats myself. My mother, having been an avid sewer, growing up, somehow missed the specifics on how to make placemats, but I could pretty much make my own clothes from a pile of fabric, so I think she more than did her job. I guess I never really wanted any, until now. No matter. It’s simple as simple could be!

I already had some burlap in my pile of sewing fabric, that was actually labeled for eco friendly shopping bags, so I decided to use some of it for our new placemats. I wanted them to be thicker and have a “richer” feel, so I added an eco friendly felt backing. I am so thrilled with the results, that I wanted to create a simple tutorial to show you how to make placemats, and add some “spice” to your table. If you prefer, you can also follow along on my video tutorial on YouTube, “How to Make a Placemat Out of Burlap”.

Make placemats with soft, felt backing.

Supplies Needed for for Making Placemat:

How to Make Placemats from Burlap:

1.  Cut out the size you want your placemat to be out of the burlap fabric. I made mine 18.5″ x 12.5″. You will want to cut your craft felt piece about 3/4 of an inch smaller in both directions (that will leave 3/4″ for your fringe).

How to make placemats out of burlap fabric.

2.  Choose a design for your embroidery, and place your burlap fabric in your embroidery hoop. I chose a “wheat” design to place on the left, and then on the right, I embroidered the words, “eat, pray, love.” I didn’t use a stabilizer, since burlap is sturdy enough on it’s own. You may use a stabilizer, if you prefer.

2.  Stitch out your design on the Burlap.

3.  On your Burlap, use a marker to mark 3/4″ from edge all around.

4.  Lightly spray your adhesive on the backside of your embroidered burlap, and carefully place the felt piece, using your markings.

5.  Now, sew all the way around on the felt side, with 1/4″ inch allowance.

6.  Lightly iron, if needed, and admire your work – you are done!

Thank you so much for allowing me to show you how to make placemats, and feel free to get creative and embellish them any way you want. This design is simple enough to allow for lots of creativity and versatility, so have fun with it! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have…dinner looks even more appetizing with these lovely placemats behind it. Happy crafting!

Warmly, Bonnie

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