Hemp Bracelet + Hemp Anklets = Beachy Summer

There is nothing cooler than beach jewelry! Those boho, beachy, and whimsical pieces that show off your free-flowin’, free-spirited attitude. Hemp jewelry encompasses all that, and more. Plus, I don’t have to learn hemp knots, because hemp is versatile enough to crochet with, making it the perfect thing for me to take advantage of. :)

Today, we’re going to learn how to make a simple hemp bracelet or hemp anklet. It’s going to be your choice, because this piece is pretty versatile. With a few simple adjustments, I think you could even make a choker out of it, if you wanted to. Trust me, you won’t be able to wait to get this stylish beach jewelry on your body and out the door this Summer!

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet or Anklet with Crochet!

How to Make a Hemp Bracelet or Anklet

“Simple” Version + Button Version

This will be one continuous tutorial, however, there will be a point where you have the option to stop, which will create a simpler version of the hemp bracelet (or anklet) pictured above…thinner, without the button. If you want to create an anklet like the one pictured above, then just continue through the tutorial, without stopping. This is a tie-on anklet with 6″ ties and a single bead at the end of each tie. The beads at the end of the ties are optional, but is a great way to add color and detail to your hemp bracelet or anklet!

I chose to make an anklet and sized it to my ankle (which is rather small), but it can easily be made to any size by adjusting the number of stitches used. Once we’re doing our chain, you will want to place the hemp bracelet around your wrist, or ankle, if you’re making an anklet, to determine the size. You will want it to wrap around until there is at least an inch between the ends, so you have the necessary room to tie and adjust it.

If you’re wondering about the beautiful buttons I’m using, they’re handmade in the USA by Fulton & Co., and I just adore them! They are gorgeous, lightweight, and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Perfect for that special project!

Materials & Tools: scissors, hemp cord, e beads 5/0 (or equivalent seed bead size), button, crochet hook, yarn needle, glue, and optional beads.

Directions (instructable):

  1. Start with about 30′ of hemp cord and fold it in half. At the cut ends, take one end and dab a little glue on it, twisting it with the hemp fibers to form a point (to make it easier to strand your beads). Let dry.
  2. Strand your *beads, starting with the bead you’d like at the end of your tie (optional), then your seed beads (which will run down the center of your anklet). You will need about 20-22 for a small ankle, but add extra, in case you need them. You can always remove them later. Your final bead (optional) for your other tie can be easily added once you complete the rest of your project. Slide all of your beads to within 6-8 inches of the “folded” end of your cord.
  3. At the “folded” end of your cord, slide your first bead (optional) up into the fold, then, holding both strands together, make an overhand knot. If you are not using a bead here, just make the knot.
  4. We’ll be starting our chain about 6″ away from this knot, using both strands, so keep your two cords even and taut, and slide down 6″ and make a slip knot.
  5. Slide your hook into the slip knot (I used an “I/9″ hook) and chain (double strand) one chain stitch. Now, slide one bead up, and do your next chain stitch. Repeat this with every chain until your anklet/bracelet is the proper size. Keep checking the size by wrapping it around your wrist or ankle. You will want it to wrap around until there is about **1-2″ between the ends.
  6. Finish off your end, then slide down 6″ and tie another overhand knot. Slip your optional bead onto one of your end strands, sliding it up to the knot. Tie another overhand knot on the other side of the bead, “sandwiching” your bead between two knots. Now, if you like this look, then clip your ends and tie on your new hemp bracelet or anklet! If you want one like pictured above, clip your ends and move on to the next step.
  7. Grab one of the longer pieces of hemp you clipped off and use it to single crochet all the way across the top your completed chain, then tie off and weave in your end. Now, do the same on the ***other side of the chain (the “bottom” if you’re looking at it straight on).
  8. Either sew or knot your button wherever you’d like on your hemp bracelet or anklet. I just used a leftover piece of hemp to knot mine in the center, but you can do whatever you like.

*Seed beads vary slightly in size, so not all of your seed beads will fit on the cord. Sort out the colors you want first, then choose the ones with the larger holes. I used size 5/0 ebeads, so one size up would probably be perfect. Your “optional” beads (for the ties) can be any size you want, as long as they slide onto the hemp cord.

**If you plan on getting your hemp bracelet or anklet wet, then you should keep in mind that hemp will stretch, meaning you should leave more space for tying since you will be cinching it up more over time.

***Crocheting on either side of the chain, especially with beads strung in there, will tighten the chain as you single crochet along the outside edge and possibly knock your beads out of place. This is ok, but will make crocheting a little cumbersome – just wiggle and push your hook through. It will become especially tight in the last few stitches. You can use a smaller hook, but it’s not necessary. Oh, and, just slide your beads back in place when you’re finished.

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